About Us

Who are we?

The LABEL Ayaati, from house of Shilpashastra Studio, strives to be your trusted partner always.
The founder of the boutique is a "Silk & Sari enthusiast" and likes to dress up with unique, authentic collections, as it enhances her inner beauty and builds her confidence. She hand-picks collections from the weaver, to ensure it meets her criteria of purity and authenticity (of zero compromise). Her moto is "I will only bring collections for my clients, which I would like to wear"!!!
Our aim
Connecting Weavers to the Consumers (WtoC).
Silk Sarees in our Boutique are unique, trendy, and authentic with silk mark tag. We encourage every Sari admirer to ask what's so unique about "The Silk Street".
We also provide customized services like selecting matching accessories’, tailoring options, consulting specialist for styling etc. We want to give our clients one stop solution when someone decides to spend time at the online boutique.
Our Journey
We started our journey from Southern region highlighting the craftmanship
behind the traditional design and pattern. With the overwhelming support of our clients, we are in path of covering more regions, emphasizing the rich cultural
heritage in terms of unique design, pattern and intricacy involving hard work of the weaver.
We work closely with "few weavers" who meet our standard of quality and authenticity. We source sarees directly from the weavers' house and dispatch into our esteemed clients with complete transparency on purity of silk, design nuances and anything that would satisfy our clients.